Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Basics: Avoiding SQL Injection

SQL injection is a pretty big deal.  The attack is easy to carry out, the vulnerabilities are prevalent and the payoff is potentially large.  Many of the password breaches reported over the last year or two are known or thought to have been carried out via SQL injection. 

SQL injection attacks allow attackers to execute arbitrary queries or commands against a database.  Developers introduce the vulnerabilities into their code when they concatenate or substitute user input into the elements of a SQL query.  In the following Python example, the program will accept any input as the "user_id" variable (returned as a part of login_data) and tack it onto the end of a string that is subsequently executed as a sql query:  

login_data = web.input()
query_string = "SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE ID = '%s'" %

Understanding Scope in Go

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